Trust and Estate Planning Legal Services

Amaral Tellawi Law provides trust and estate planning legal services to domestic and international individuals, families, and the owners of privately-held and family-owned companies.

Our Houston estate planning attorneys have extensive experience providing the following estate planning legal services:

Who Needs Estate Planning?

Everyone has an estate.

Estate Planning is commonly viewed as the act of planning for the transfer of a person’s wealth after their death.

In fact, estate planning refers to a more broad and comprehensive planning process that takes into account the transfer and use of a person’s assets during their life and after their death or disability, including care of one’s health and minor children.

Our founding attorney, Thais Amaral Tellawi established Amaral Tellawi Law to cater to the unique personal and business needs of a large, but under-served population: people just like us.

We take pride in working with self-employed entrepreneurs, young professional couples, and others who seek to generate, grow, and preserve wealth through proper planning.

Why Have an Estate Plan?

Careful estate and trust planning protects you, your family and your assets, and safeguards your hard work.

Proper estate planning involves the establishment of legal structures for achieving the Three Phases of Wealth: 1) Generation, 2) Growth, and 3) Transfer & Preservation.

The Houston estate planning attorneys of Amaral Tellawi believe that a well-designed estate plan can ensure that your family is protected and that your financial goals are met after you are gone.

A properly maintained estate plan can minimize estate, gift, and capital gains taxes, in addition to protecting your children and grandchildren from claims of creditors. Through the implementation of living trusts, wills, powers of attorney, irrevocable trusts, charitable remainder trusts and other charitable gifting strategies, our Houston estate planning attorneys help families preserve their wealth for future generations, minimize taxes and avoid the expense & hardship of probate.

Without a robust estate plan in place, tragic and often unexpected events can quickly decimate a lifetime of accomplishments leaving those you love, your business, and your legacy at risk.


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