Services for Investors and Professionals in the Business of Real Estate

Amaral Tellawi Law represents domestic and international investors and owners of residential and commercial Texas real estate.

Our attorneys have extensive experience providing the following real estate legal services:

  • Real Estate Acquisition, Sales, & Leasing
  • Lending
  • Due Diligence for Buyers and Lenders
  • Asset Protection
  • Title Repair Services
  • Real Estate Partnerships
  • Services for Real Estate Professionals & Investors

We take pride in working with self-employed entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and others who seek to generate, grow, and preserve wealth through the business of real estate.

With an extensive background in real estate brokerage and property management, our attorneys provide an array of real estate services for those who purchase, sell, lease, own, manage, finance, build, renovate or otherwise invest in residential and commercial real estate.

We strive to produce results that are valuable to our clients, with engagements ranging from single assets to multi-property portfolios.

Our asset-based transactional and advisory services are designed around business owners and private investors, taking into consideration both the legal and business implications of decisions & relationships. Most of our services offer flat fee and hourly options, providing further flexibility.

We pride ourselves on our ability to operate in a quick and efficient manner, while delivering high quality services, on time to clients ranging from first-time home buyers to sophisticated individual and institutional investors.

With this robust array of real estate-based, transactional service offerings, and our scrutinizing attention to detail, our attorneys provide a unique, holistic approach and help you achieve the freedom of self-employment.

When Should You Talk to a Real Estate Attorney?

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