The AT Law Story

Our founding attorney, Thais Amaral Tellawi established Amaral Tellawi Law to cater to the unique personal and business needs of a large, but under-served population:  people just like us.

We take pride in working with individuals, professional couples, self-employed entrepreneurs, and others who seek to successfully traverse the Three Phases of Wealth: generation, growth, and preservation.

Meet the Amaral Tellawi Legal Team

Thais Amaral Tellawi


Trusts & Estates Attorney

Saeed Tellawi

Managing Member

Business & Real Estate Attorney

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The AT Law Approach

Clients seeking high quality legal services in a non-corporate, small firm environment find that we provide a level of advice unmatched by generic, do-it-yourself websites and practitioners unfamiliar with the unique needs & considerations of domestic and international business owners.

We pride ourselves on our ability to operate in a quick and efficient manner, while delivering high quality services, on time.  Most services offer clear flat fee and hourly options.

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“At Amaral Tellawi Law, our personal approach makes us different,
our diligence makes us successful.”

-Thais Amaral Tellawi
Founding Member

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