Why AT Law

Thais Amaral Tellawi established Amaral Tellawi Law in 2010 to cater to the unique personal and business needs of a large, but under-served population:  real people just like us.

We take pride in working with individuals, families, professional couples, self-employed entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and others who seek one-on-one legal services in a non-corporate, small firm environment.

Thais recognized that few, if any, law firms sought to provide high-end planning and transaction services to individual, non-institutional clients.  Amaral Tellawi Law fills the gap between the general-practitioner and the downtown law firm.

Our Approach

Our Story

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Thais Amaral Tellawi


Trusts & Estates Attorney

Saeed Tellawi

Managing Member

Business & Real Estate Attorney

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The AT Law Approach

Confidentiality and discretion underlie everything we do.

All services we provide are designed to help our clients successfully navigate our Three Phases of Wealth: Creation, Growth, and Preservation.

Our clients demand, and we provide a level of advice and service unmatched by generic, do-it-yourself websites and practitioners unfamiliar with their unique needs and considerations.

Although legal documents are at the core of what do, we believe that attorneys should provide much more than paper.  Our clients recognize that estate and business decisions require diligent and careful planning.

We pride ourselves on our ability to operate in a comprehensive and holistic manner, while delivering efficient, high quality services on time.

Most services offer flat fee options.  All services offer hourly fee options with clear and accurate estimates.

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“At Amaral Tellawi Law, our personal approach makes us different,
our diligence makes us successful.”

-Thais Amaral Tellawi
Founding Member

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